La Maldita Brut Rosé

Things get complicated. How do we make this wine? Garnacha Tinta grapes grown in Rioja Alta, at higher altitudes, on cool soils that ensure the grapes ripen slowly. Then the process, quite long and winding: gentle pressing of the grapes, extraction of the juice and first fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low temperature. The wine is then racked to another tank until January, when the tirage (a bit of jargon) is carried out, followed by a second fermentation in bottle, where it stays for 18 months. Then, the bottle is disgorged (more jargon) and topped up with the same sparkling wine plus a Brut dosage (final jargon). The newly-corked bottles are put in cages and allowed to rest for three months before being marketed.

Exhausting, right? Yes, a little, and long too. To summarize: Uncork it, sip it and celebrate life every day. If it is with this wine, so much the better. But it applies to everything. Oh! One more thing: Be consistent, please, and enjoy the accursed bubbles.

*12% Vol. Contains sulphites.